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Mom Fail December 8, 2015

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Hello friends! It has been quite awhile since I have posted but I am back with a few stories to share.

I want to talk about “mom (or parent) fails.” Unlike “mom guilt”, “mom fails” are experiences that your children will, without a doubt, point to when they areadults and say, ” Yep, that was the moment she screwed me up.” They are the moments they will absolutely tell their therapists about in their later years. Honestly, I have so many “mom fail” examples that it was difficult to narrow them down for this post. I have picked the worst (in my mind) of the bunch to share with all of you.

When my daughter was a baby, she would scream bloody murder when she was in her car seat. I mean SCREAM. It was so upsetting, it had me in tears many times. When she was about 18 months…

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