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Peace out…….WHAT???!!! June 16, 2015

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I haven’t posted in a week because it’s summer vacation for my kids and they are driving me crazy. If I sit down for a second it’s like I’m offending them. I have “summer mom brain”. I can’t think or concentrate, so thinking of a new post is almost impossible. I decided to share this story about my son, Brady. It’s one of my favorites and makes me and my husband laugh every time we think of it.

Before I begin my story I have to explain that Brady really loves old Loony Tunes and old Tom and Jerry cartoons. Both of them are really old shows and the way people talk and some of  the words they say have changed since then. There are some words that were perfectly acceptable back in the 1940’s that are not acceptable today. Unfortunately, Brady zeroed in on one such word. Of course, a four-year old doesn’t recognize that…

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