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Spell Check March 13, 2014

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I hate vomit. I know I say this like there is someone out there saying, ” You do? That’s weird, I LOVE vomit.” I know nobody likes it, but there are people who can handle it much better than I can.

My husband is one of those people. He is the puke cleaner in our house. I clean other things but run from puke. The thing is, he always seems to be out-of-town when the “puke” hits the fan. I know that other moms and dads can relate to the fact that the kids always seem to get sick when they are alone. I have a friend that says “It’s in the handbook.” If the dishwasher leaks, AC goes out or the kids get sick, you can bet it’s going to be when your husband (or wife) is out-of-town. Always………ding,dang.

About 2 and half years ago, we had what I refer to as The Stomach…

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