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Peace out…….WHAT???!!! July 8, 2012

I haven’t posted in a week because it’s summer vacation for my kids and they are driving me crazy. If I sit down for a second it’s like I’m offending them. I have “summer mom brain”. I can’t think or concentrate, so thinking of a new post is almost impossible. I decided to share this story about my son, Brady. It’s one of my favorites and makes me and my husband laugh every time we think of it.

Before I begin my story I have to explain that Brady really loves old Loony Tunes and old Tom and Jerry cartoons. Both of them are really old shows and the way people talk and some of  the words they say have changed since then. There are some words that were perfectly acceptable back in the 1940’s that are not acceptable today. Unfortunately, Brady zeroed in on one such word. Of course, a four-year old doesn’t recognize that fact, and why explain it to him? You’d have to get into a whole conversation that he’s not going to understand anyway. Although, maybe if we had that conversation, we could have saved ourselves a little embarrassment. Then again, I wouldn’t have this story.

Last summer my husband and I were out shopping with all four kids. I know what you’re thinking:  horrible idea. You are absolutely correct. I detest shopping with my kids but I might detest shopping with my husband more. At least I don’t get the “questions” from the kids anytime I want to buy something. “Do you really need that?” or “Don’t you have one in blue?” or ” I can make that shelf.” Drives me insane. Anyway, we were at a home decor store and my husband was on my last nerve with all the questioning and the kids were running this way and that. I was looking at some linens and trying to ditch my husband. The kids settled on a bin of wooden toys. There were painted airplanes, trucks and trains. There were also painted animals like monkeys,elephants,dogs and cats. Lots of cats. Brady loves cats.

I was finished looking at tablecloths and such, when my husband came up and asked if I was ready to go. I said yes and looked back for the children. My husband yelled ” Come on y’all, let’s go.” Three of them started to follow us and when I turned around I saw that four-year old Brady was still looking at the toys. I said ” Let’s go now, B.” When I turned back around, there was a sales clerk in front of me. He said ” Let me know if you need any help”. I smiled at him and was about to say thanks, when Brady came running up behind me giving the peace sign to the toy cats and yelling at the top of his lungs, “PEACE OUT PUSSIES!” The salesman looked at me with a shocked expression. Several other shoppers stopped and looked at my son. I turned and looked at my husband who mouthed while pointing at the door “Let’s go.” We exited very quickly.

We have since explained to Brady, who is now five, that he might want to drop the pussy and just call them cats. That’s probably best for everybody. Peace out……….cats.


3 Responses to “Peace out…….WHAT???!!!”

  1. Very funny. Ohh the embarrassment.
    By the way, I can imagine my wife having the same reaction to shopping with me. I start to feel off if we even get near a bed bath and beyond.

  2. ddl6 Says:

    Ha! I can relate! Thanks for reading.

  3. ddl6 Says:

    Reblogged this on dingdangblog.

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